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It all started in Catholic School  when I was put on punishment for being a bit mischievious in the bathroom. Sister Mary lay me against her lap and gave me three lashes on my little ass with a leather paddle, I felt the warm juices of my insides dripping down my legs and knew from that day forward I craved the feel of cumming and what it felt like to be in her shoes. What you put out is what you get back, treat me right and I’ll please you like no other. I enjoy a little tease and a little tension, and live by the saying that the good things in life don’t come free, you have to rub them.




When I’m alone by myself I fantasize about how I’d like to ball-gag your precious mouth, bound your hands and feet, and have you bent over on all fours like the bitch you are after humiliating me in debating class this past year and a half. There’s nothing more I would enjoy than slapping your wet cunt with a flogger and shoving a plug up your tight ass hole, listening to you moan and muffle for mercy. As I remove your gag I lay you down to pasture and straddle your face like a mustang 69er. Feel my hot sweet cum rushing down your throat and through your veins, feel my anguish inside of you. 




It was in my twelfth year of Catholic School and I was in the last few minutes of my final exam, the one that would guarantee me a way out of the academy confined to the aroma of untouched schoolgirl pussy. Lately I had noticed I was suffering from an immense sexual arousal due to the anticipation build up of finishing tests. No matter what, every nerve in my body would strike. My heart would begin to race and a single drop of sweat would break and seemingly run from my breasts into the crevice of my tight, hungry virgin jaws, with my hole clenching and moisture expelling, seconds passing all I could do was bite down on my pencil and imagine the hot cum soaking in my panties.





Sasha Volkova, she was one of a kind, not even Sister Mary had control over her, a rebellious flirt without a cause. She was the smell of sex, everyone wanted her. Such a tease walking around the hallway with her overdeveloped hourglass silhouette, 34DD’s with nipples as ripe as a banana about to burst out of her tightly fitted uniform blouse and plaited skirt cropped at the thigh exposing a bit of her ass cheeks anytime the wind blew by. When she bent over, Oh God what a sight….It was the first time I had seen a fat pussy like that. Even the the most high and holy Father John turned away to jerk off erected dick behind office doors, you could hear him murmuring her name and asking for forgiveness after. It’s girls like Sasha that made me realize that the sexual appeal you give off is also what you get back in return. 


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